Joel Sarakula - I Will Deliver

Music Video

Director - Edward Housden
Producers - Roshan Singh, Benny Locke & Danielle Harvey

Official Music Video for Joel Sarakula - "I Will Deliver"
The music video follows a group of drunken Eastern-European men hanging out in a seedy strip club in the late ‘70s. One particularly drunk and belligerent man stands on the periphery of the room. As the clip progresses, we follow him as he lets loose with a psychotic dance frenzy while hurling abuse at those around him. Throughout all this the sleazy house band (Joel Sarakula) play on.

Dennis Ivanovish Khoroshko // Yuliya Fytsaylo // Roxi Gregory // Bronwen Martin-Miceli // Leigh Stevenson // Sal Chyamolonskas // Leonidas Plavko // Achim Aleksich // Vince Erckens // Den Kozlov

1st AD - Roshan Singh
Camera Assistant - Sophie Black
Casting - Danielle Harvey
Gaffer - Jared Fryer
Spark - Adrienne Dayes
Make Up Artist - Katie Campbell
Art Direction - Ash Halliburton
Assistant Art Direction - Sarah King
Stylist - Nicolette Carrapetta
Choreographer - Vikki Burns
Catering - The Alchemist
Runners - Artee Lynne Mamawag & Sarah King
Special Thanks:
The Wilmington Arms