Agi & Sam // District MTV


Director - Edward Housden
Producers - Benny Locke & Roshan Singh

For Agi & Sam's Spring Summer 13 collection, the inspiration came directly from a shared experience of visiting their respective grandparent's houses. With such a strong visual iconography and references embedded in how these designers design, **District MTV** decided to bring them together with director Edward Housden to make a film that got to the bottom of their creative process. Taking more than just a touch of creative license, the resulting short is a pure explanation of Agi & Sam's work, delivered in the shape of the detective TV programmes they remember so well.

Agi & Sam // Nigel Barber //Abigail Hamilton //David Reid // Adnan Adouni Rashed // Anastasija Bogatirjova // Rui Rodriguez // Ysham // Walles Hamonde // Paul Housden

AD - Roshan Singh
Cinematographer - Ayoub Lamrani
Makeup - Kirsty Coleman & Mel Jenkinson
VFX - Derrick Ligas
Art Director - Ciaran Beale
Assistant Art Director - Ashleigh Kate Halliburton & James William Cross
Sound - Alex De Grassi
Camera Assistant - John Brown & Imogen Smyth-Prado
Stylist - Nicolette Carrapetta
Armourer - Ezra Bristow
Vehicular Guidance - Paul Housden
Catering - Alison Lloyd at Creative Cuisine
Thanks be upon:
Nicolette Carrapetta // Nichola Farnan & Felix Davis // Mike Scott & Rasheed (Dogface) // Serena Sharp // The Wilmington Arms // Alan Day // Don Johnson // Independent Films // Take 2